Was I snoring? (dramatha) wrote in cgyfitness,
Was I snoring?

ISO: Cycling/Walking and learning how to jog/run buddies

Since the beginning of this year I've started taking better care of my body food-wise... and now with the nice weather I'm into getting more active.

I'm pretty central and can meet people for walks almost anywhere... errr safe. =) And I'm re-learning the fundementals of cycling and conditioning my body to pedal - pedal - pedal and not fall off or pass out and then fall off. It's slow going sometimes but I haven't fallen off yet.

If you're down with an easy pace to start - building up to something absolutely monumental - then let's do it.

Most evenings and early weekend mornings work for me.

Oh... is anyone here up for a game of dodgeball? There is a soccer field nearby that is usually empty by 8:30pm.
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