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welcome welcome!

So I brought this comm to life over a week ago - probably 2 by now - but I have been drowning in the particulars of moving. Welcome to cgyfitness. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and moving forward with a healthier lifestyle.

I'll toss some ideas out on the table for now, and make them separate posts later, but just to get the ball rolling:

- walking clubs - especially now that the weather's conducive to it!
- prep for Calgary Corporate Challenge events - I've joined the bball and laser tag teams with my work;
- squash, somewhere (suggestions welcome - I've only ever been to the MRC courts);
- rock climbing (idea courtesy of stevekeene, and I think it's a great one!);
- hikes, especially once I drive;
- swimming, indoors and out;
- healthy recipe posting (and by that I *don't* mean loaded with ingredients that are "low-fat" or "fat-free" or "chemical substitute");
- goal setting and sharing

Feel free to introduce yourselves. Include whatever details you would like that are related to your healthy vision and make suggestions for community tags and such.

Thanks fer comin'!

edit: ~lol~ so it appears I forgot to add the comm to my FList, cuz I haven't seen the 2 previous posts up until today! Onward and upward :)
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I recommend participating in the CCC. Last year, I did bowling and trivia. I also decided to branch out and try soccer, which was a lot of fun. My company rarely wins big (we're in the same division as Encana, Shell, etc... all the big companies) but it's still fun to compete and try a new sport. I may sign up for softball this year, since I'll be playing on another team this summer. We'll see!
I contemplated soccer, but I'm not much of a runner. I figured between 3 teams (bball, laser tag, spirit/volunteer) and my full-time employment I'd probably be unable to fit much more in taht time :)
Hi! Well, I am really excited about this! I only have 2 sessions with my personal trainer left, so I am going to need some motivation soon!
Do people go to gyms in this group, if so, what ones? (if anyone goes to mine we could work out together!)
Anywho, I am trying to get back into running and just general fitness so I don't feel like such a lazy sack of poo!
I love the idea of hikes and wall climbing and a walking (running?) club!!
I go to Fifth Avenue Club (but you already knew that... just adding this for other people to see :)