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Reality based fighting class

Well... figured I might as well get the ball rolling, so to speak.

My name is Scott Dellinger (I'm sure some of you have seen me post on the Calgary group from time to time) and I teach a reality based fighting and conditioning class Monday evenings for an hour and a half at the Dragon's Den in Inglewood.

We've just gotten started the beginning of April, so we've still got a few places left in the class (I don't want more than 12 students at a time... it just becomes unmanageable and no one learns anything).

The curriculum is based on:
1) My Chinese military martial arts training (San da, San shou) - 4 years
2) My traditional Chinese internal martial arts training (Liu He Ba Fa Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang) - 8 years
3) My 6 years of full-time work as a bouncer

Basic structure for the class is:
1) Stretching & warmup
2) Conditioning drills (rows of kicks, two-man impact exercises, etc - lots of cardio work!)
3) Pad and bag work
4) Sparring (EVERY class)

I'm also available to my students other nights of the week for sparring, etc, free of charge by prior arrangement at my downtown apartment (we have a fitness room that's big enough for two people to spar at a time).

The class is geared to a beginner to intermediate level (based on the skill levels of the people in the class already) and runs $60 per month.

For more info, drop me a line here with your e-mail and any questions you might have!


EDIT: Also, if you're a little more advanced and not interested in classes, I am certainly interested in getting together occassionally to "cross hands" and get some exercise with someone who doesn't train in the same styles I do.
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